Synchronicity Studios

Synchronicity Studios

I am currently teaching at :-

Synchronicity  Studios located at: 157a,Hubert Grove (off Landor Rd) Clapham North. London SW99NZ.  (Map)    

Thursday:            20.00  to 21.30 hrs
Yoga & Qi Gong

This class is very suitable for beginners and those wishing for a             more gentle practice.
Using elements from Yoga and Qi Gong to help cultivate Qi/Prana and then to circulate this subtle energy around the body.

We will use various Yoga techniques to help internalise our practice such as:

Pranayama : Breath control.

Mudra : Energy circuits of Nadi’s with symbolic Gestures.

Drishti : A Gazing technique that deepens your awareness and helps focus the mind.

Suggested donation of £10.00

Class Passes are £50 for 6 classes

Chriss McKay  07538363713

e mail:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga….. STARTING SOON

This class will be suitable for people who like a more dynamic (Yang) practice… Be prepared to sweat..!