“Chriss introduced me to yoga a little over a year ago.  Thanks to him I now have a regular practice and I’ve even begun a Foundation Course in Yoga. I attended one of Chriss’ workshops in December and I was amazed at his knowledge in both Yoga & Qi Gong. His teaching style is very friendly, informative and calm. I look forward to attending more of his workshops when he heads back up north! ” Mike McMaster – Matlock, Derbyshire

"I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that Chriss took me on during his 1.5
hour asana class.  The subtle attention to detail of, music, choice of
asanas, and small but meaningful adjustments all contributed to me
leaving the class with a deep sense of calm and inner nourishment.  Thank
you Chriss :)" Elliott Ford - London

“Chriss is a helpful and kind person. I met him when I sold my car. It wouldn’t start. Instead of walking off in disgust, he worked with me & got it going. Chriss McKay doesn’t take a negative situation and complain about it. Instead he tries to turn it into something positive. When I heard he was a yoga practitioner and that he practised Indian Head Massage I was very interested as I have a quite a painful permanent condition called Cervical Dystonia or Wry Neck. I get a really severe pain in my neck nearly all the time making my muscles tense up and get very stiff, so a good massage of the right sort is exactly what I need to get the energy, the Qi, flowing again up my spinal column and make me feel better and more positive about life. I have had experience before with many different types of practitioners and a very few of them have this feeling of warmth and energy coming of their hands. Chriss does. I find the application of this energy, or Qi, is very helpful to the effect I experience whatever the practice  is. Although IHM is not a “cure ” for me, I find relief through having the energy blockages in my spinal column, regularly shifted by his focused massage. In addition to knowing the technique of Indian Head Massage or Ayurvedic massage,  Chriss also has practiced  to develop his own Qi, concentrate and manage its flow, so he can direct this into you when he is practicing healing massage. I can thoroughly recommend the entire experience from a personal point of view and the convenience of a home visit means I can relax to maximize the benefit afterwards.”

–Sue Hall, Islington.